Tigers Jaw announce new album and release ‘Guardian’

Tigers Jaw will release their new record, spin, on May 19th. The album was produced by Will Yip (who also produced their previous record Charmer) and will be released through Black Cement Records.

Tigers Jaw released the first single ‘Guardian’ off spin through NPR

Tigers Jaw had this to say about the track:

“Specifically, it deals with the struggle of being someone’s support system while dealing with your own anxieties and issues. When you neglect your own mental health by channeling your focus into other things, putting your head down and forcing normalcy into work and relationships, those issues come back stronger when you run out of distractions. Simple, everyday tasks can become significant sources of anxiety.

“Musically, the big open chord progression happened first, then the melody followed pretty naturally. We wanted the structure, powerful chorus and pacing of the song to exist in juxtaposition of the fragile reality of the lyrics. This song also features one of our favorite instrumental parts on the record, and will be an exciting song to add to the live set.”

The tracklist for spin is:

“Escape Plan”
“Blurry Vision”
“Brass Ring”
“Oh Time”
“Same Stone”
“Make It Up”


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