I, Valiance drop ‘The Blood Beneath My Nails’


Melbourne deathcore band I, Valiance have surprised everyone by dropping a monster of a track The Blood Beneath My Nails.

The big question is who is the vocalist performing on this track? I, Valiance had been accepting vocal submissions to try to find their new vocalist, as they have been through three already, with their latest vocalist being Daniel Konstantinou (ex-I Exalt) who left after five months.

There seems to be a theory that the vocalist on Blood Beaneath My Nails is their previous vocalist Mark Poida (who is currently the lead vocalist for Aversions Crown), while other think that they found a vocalist already (from the auditions or other means) and pushed out the vocals quickly, with the track already written.

Whoever it is, they are a beast. Blood Beneath My Nails sees I, Valiance continue on the path that their debut EP The Reject of Humanity showed, but with a far stronger emphasis on bass, giving the track a bouncy feel (which surprising works for deathcore?) and the band continuing to throw in elements out of left field such as keyboards and vocoder effects.

Hopefully they can find a vocals who sticks with them, because I would imagine that it is really disheartening to not be about to move forward as a band without a vocalist.


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