Of Mice and Men perform first show with Aaron Pauley on lead vocals.

At Day 1 of the Las Rageous festival in Los Vegas, Of Mice and Men performed for their first time since the departure of the original lead singer Austin Carlie due to health issues. After this departure, Of Mice and Men decided to continue on as a fourth piece, with the bassist/clean vocalist Aaron Pauley (ex-Jamie’s Elsewhere) taking up lead vocal duties.

How did he do?

Ok, real talk, I never listened to Jamie’s Elsewhere, so I didn’t know what to expect, but the dude killed it to be honest. One of the biggest issue I’ve heard about Of Mice and Men live was due to Austin’s declining vocals (which makes sense after hearing about his medical conditions), so hopefully the strength of this performance will lead to healthy word of mouth, because I wouldn’t be surprised if they have lost a portion of their fanbase after Austin’s departure.

Austin Carlie left due to declining health, due to a disorder known as Marfan Syndrome, which he mentioned in a long instagram post (https://www.instagram.com/p/BOqLY-0gxiL/) when he announced his departure (I paraphrased the important parts, because it is a massive post).

“I also never thought my fibrostic connective tissue disorder Marfan Syndrome would cause touring to be so hard and painful for me. I always thought the pain would get better one day, or that I would get better too. But this never happened, that day still has yet to come.”

As well as this, a couple of weeks later, he also stated a reason he left was due to the other Of Mice and Men member not letting him write what he wanted.

“No I will no longer be writing with them, one of the reasons I left. They weren’t going to let me write what I wanted on next record. That’s not gonna happen. I will write what I want despite what that means giving up.”

Anyway, it’s good to see Of Mice and Men continuing on, I never minded them (even if their last two albums were pretty ehhhh).


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