Hundredth release ‘Neurotic’


South Carolina hardcore (I actually don’t know if they are hardcore anymore to be honest) band Hundredth have released Neurotic, the first single off their upcoming fourth album Rare.

While their Dead Weight single EP from last year had hinted that Hundredth were adding some alternative influences, Neurotic shows that Hundredth have fully immersed themselves in this sound, with this track showing a massive shoegaze influence, sounding more like Title Fight or Balance and Composure than their earlier material.

The biggest change would have to be the vocals, with vocalist Chadwick Johnson using exclusively clean vocals this track (although their are some background screams towards to end of the track), with huge amounts of reverb thrown over the top of them. Neurotic does sound similarly energetic instrumentally to their earlier stuff, but with a large amount of melodic guitar work and reverb drenched guitar lines, with the drumming by Lee Hutchison being the definite standout of this track.

Whether this track is indicative of the direction they are taking on Rare, or if they will mix in their earlier hardcore sound in with this more alternative direction remains to be seen. However, I think this track is absolutely massive and I’m honestly more excited to hear a Hundredth album than I have been before.

Rare is due to be released June 16th through Hopeless Records and is available for pre-order here.

What do you all think?


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