John Henry (Darkest Hour) talks about Victory Records issues.


I guess we can add Darkest Hour to the list of bands that have had issues with Victory Records.

A couple of days ago, John Henry (vocalist for Darkest Hour) sat down to guest on the ‘Lead Singer Syndrome’ podcast, hosted and created by Shane Told (lead singer of Silverstein, who were also signed to Victory Records at one point).

During the podcast, John Henry opened up about Darkest Hour’s time with Victory Records (having released 5 albums over 10 years with them), where he called Victory Records the ‘worst label on Earth.’ As you could imagine, nothing else he said about Victory Records was very positive at all, with John Henry saying things like:

“We were one of the few bands that completed a Victory contract. Five albums, yeah, ten years baby. Still haven’t seen a royalty check. Hundreds of thousands of units SoundScanned, you know? Not one penny. So, maybe someday, we’ll get something from them, I don’t know… not that it’s all about the money or anything … Feeding yourself is pretty tight.”

Victory Records has been plagued by lawsuits and issues by multiple bands, such as Thursday, Hawthorne Heights, Between the Buried and Me, A Day to Remember and Streetlight Manifesto. So I don’t find this really surprising at all.

The full podcast episode is available below.


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