Every Time I Dies’ new ‘Map Change’ video is an bleak ode to their hometown.


Buffalo metalcore veterans have released a music video for Map Change, the final track off their eight album, Low Teens.

This music shows off their hometowns’ bleak and brutal beauty, with director Kyle Thrash stitching together a tapestry of church halls, bingo halls, strip joints, abandoned buildings, joyriding, and drug use to deliver an honest snapshot of Buffalo while vocalist Keith Buckley delivers some of his darkest and desperate lyrics of his career.

Low Teens is an album with a far more serious feeling, with Keith Buckley writing most of his lyrics while his wife and infant daughter were kept in hospital due to complications, as his wife was only 7 months pregnant at the time and his daughter forced to go through premature birth.



“The glory I had witnessed was just a sleight of hand.
These hearts cannot be salvaged, these bones cannot withstand.
I have either been forgotten or I was never seen.
Now I’m in the negative space between.”

The lyrics in Map Change directly deal with this, as Buckley shifts from raw screaming to a crooning, stadium-sized chorus as the band churns out melodic, yet urgent hardcore that perfectly compliments the vocals and the lyrics.

I honestly don’t know how they will top this album.


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