Letlive announce breakup

Seems like today is the day for breakups, with California post-hardcore band Letlive being the second band to announce their breakup today, after 15 years as a band, due to a ‘divergence of views’.

This seems to make sense as it was reported that the band was having arguements and disagreements about their musical direction during the writing and recording process of their fourth album If I’m the Devil…, with it sounding like vocalist Jason Butler wanted to push the band in a more soulful, experimental direction, while other members wanted to go in a more punk direction. It has been thought by many that this tug of war being hinted as the reason why fans and critics didn’t seem to latch onto If I’m the Devil… as they had with their previous two releases, as this dichotomy between these contrasting desire was apparent during the runtime of If I’m the Devil….(in my opinion).

This news makes If I’m the Devil their last album…., with it being unknown if this is just a long term hiatus or a proper breakup by Letlive.

Honestly, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of their latest album, I’m still upset about this, as I love their two albums Fake History and The Blackest Beautiful and the couple of times I managed to seem them play were some of the best live performances I’ve seen. Sad to see them go.


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