REVIEW: Eternity Forever – Fantasy EP


Could Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds) physically stop writing music? While he has always been prolific, it seems that his decision to leave A Lot Like Birds last year has lit a fire beneath him, with 2017 being the year he is due to release his second solo album, release a debut EP for Pushover (side project band with Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy), running his record label Esquire Records and has just released the debut EP for Eternity Forever.

Eternity Forever is a three piece groovy post-hardcore/math rock band comprising of Kurt Travis on vocals, Brandon Ewing (CHON touring bassist) on guitars and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett.

Straight away, the influence of all the members bands they have been a part of are apparent, with Fantasy opening with a relaxed riff reminiscent of later CHON and nimble drumming in the background. However the vocals are where the surprises begin, with Kurt Travis bringing a high pitched R&B influenced vocal style to the table (I honestly thought it was another vocalist to begin with), which he mixes with vocals that sound more familiar to fans of his Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds material.

Letting Go continues to path set by Fantasy, with this track having a very relaxed vibe to it and Kurt Travis showing off his ability to write a very catchy vocal line and his vocals sounding very relaxed, with Eternity Forever content to let their track unfold at a steady pace.

All Alone sees Kurt sticking to a far more familiar vocal styling, sounding reminiscent of his vocals on Happiness by Dance Gavin Dance and the drumming being the driving force behind this song, setting the speed, with the bridge being Ben Rosett’s chance to shine, bringing strong sense of dynamics, knowing when to pick up the pace or bring it done to go with Kurt’s vocals (with the bridge seeing him creep up to the edge of his range, with him almost screaming at points).

Movies opens with a very winding guitar riff from Brandon, with it constantly unfolding over the first 30 seconds of the track, before the rest of the band kicks in. Kurt brings his R&B inspired vocals back into the mix, which goes quite well with his more relaxed singing, while Brandon and Ben play off each other in the background.

This EP is a very vocal led affair, with Brandon and Ben being very in tune with each other, knowing when to go more technical or to be more relaxed as to not overshadow the vocals, having a very TTNG vibe to their playing (another math rock band that, like Eternity Forever, manages to avoid the over the top nature many of their peers have) However, the chill atmosphere allows every aspect of the band their time to shine, which helps gives the EP a sense of variety.

While this EP is only four tracks long, it definitely shows the potential Eternity Forever have, and only wants me to hear more of their original blend of relaxed post-hardcore and technical math rock.

Rating: 7/10

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