REVIEW: Wage War – Deadweight


Since being taken under the wing of A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon and signing to Fearless Records in 2015, Ocala, Florida band Wage War have quickly seen themselves pick up a huge amount of buzz and fans in the metalcore scene, with a trajectory akin to Knocked Loose, who has also experienced a similar surge in popularity.

While their debut album Blueprints showed a band that knew had to play metalcore well, I personally felt they fell into a lot of the traps lots of other metalcore bands do when starting out, with an overabundance of breakdowns and a reliance on slower, clean chorus which often threatened to kill the momentum of their own tracks.

So has the release of their second album Deadweight shown that Wage Ware have focused on their strengths and trimmed the fat?

Yes and no.

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