REVIEW: Wage War – Deadweight


Since being taken under the wing of A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon and signing to Fearless Records in 2015, Ocala, Florida band Wage War have quickly seen themselves pick up a huge amount of buzz and fans in the metalcore scene, with a trajectory akin to Knocked Loose, who has also experienced a similar surge in popularity.

While their debut album Blueprints showed a band that knew had to play metalcore well, I personally felt they fell into a lot of the traps lots of other metalcore bands do when starting out, with an overabundance of breakdowns and a reliance on slower, clean chorus which often threatened to kill the momentum of their own tracks.

So has the release of their second album Deadweight shown that Wage Ware have focused on their strengths and trimmed the fat?

Yes and no.

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REVIEW: Eternity Forever – Fantasy EP


Could Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds) physically stop writing music? While he has always been prolific, it seems that his decision to leave A Lot Like Birds last year has lit a fire beneath him, with 2017 being the year he is due to release his second solo album, release a debut EP for Pushover (side project band with Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy), running his record label Esquire Records and has just released the debut EP for Eternity Forever.

Eternity Forever is a three piece groovy post-hardcore/math rock band comprising of Kurt Travis on vocals, Brandon Ewing (CHON touring bassist) on guitars and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett.

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REVIEW: Deez Nuts – Binge and Purgatory


Honestly at this point, it should be quite obvious to even a casual listener of Deez Nuts that they have a comfort zone and have never strayed too far from it. While their fifth album, Binge and Purgatory, more or less conforms to this belief, there is a feeling that the band is tentatively trying to spread their wings, with a stronger lyrical focus and a strong sense of dynamics.

(I’ll skip the normal little band introduction part, because I’m sure people don’t need to read a another paragraph about how Deez Nuts were formed by JJ Peters after I Killed the Prom Queen broke up for the first time and they play a combination of hardcore and hop hop, like every other review of theirs mentions).

So what should a first time listener expected from Binge and Purgatory?

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REVIEW: A Ghost Orchestra – Blood

download (2).jpeg

Since the release of their 2014 debut EP Vile Hymns, Adelaide locals A Ghost Orchestra have seen themselves tour Australia and open for some international heavy hitters, such as Cancer Bats and Every Time I Die. In the 3 years since the release of Vile Hymns, A Ghost Orchestra have been refining their sound and improving their songwriting skills, leading up to the release of their debut full-length Blood.

Blood sees A Ghost Orchestra expand on their more dissonant and chaotic tendencies they have previously shown, with feedback being almost a constant presence throughout, while introducing some more melodic elements to their sound. In many ways, Blood is a throwback to the mathier sound of the mid-2000s metalcore, such as Norma Jean, The Chariot and Every Time I Die, with off-kilter riffs, vicious breakdowns and raw production being the name of the game.

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REVIEW: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms


Since Creeper appeared on the English music scene in 2014, they have experienced a massive amount of fanfare off the back of their three EPs, which showed a band with a singular vision of what they wanted to sound like and the potential to be able to back it up. While 2017 is only the fourth year of them being a band, they have already supported bands such as The Misifts and Pierce the Veil and are playing the entire 2017 US Warped Tour.

As you could imagine, the pressure to deliver a great debut album would have been huge and luckily enough the english horror punks delivered a massive album with Eternity, In Your Arms. Creeper blend a huge amount of influences in their debut album, such as David Bowie-esque glam rock, horror punk, post hardcore, 80s rock and pop punk all wrapped up in an extremely theatrical package. Eternity, In Your Arms has a very bombastic, dramatic quality that honestly isn’t seen very often in the music scene, with leader singer Will Gould stating that Creeper ‘want to put that over-the-top flamboyance back into punk’ with Eternity, In Your Arms.

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REVIEW: Can’t Swim – Fail You Again


Can’t Swim are a rock band from New Jersey that were able to sign to Pure Noise Records just off networking and the strength of their demos, before they had even released any music and were lucky enough to be able to release their debut EP, Death Deserves a Name, with the backing of a label.

While this amount of success early on, the pressure to deliver a good (at the very least) debut full length must of been enormous. Luckily, on Fail You Again, Can’t Swim have delivered on the potential that their debut EP and early signing showed, with a refinement in their sound, smoothing down their rough edges and expanding on the more melodic sounds hinted at on their earlier material.

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REVIEW: Northlane – Mesmer


Since the release of their debut album Discoveries in 2011, Northlane have experienced a meteoric rise through the metalcore scene, figuring out how to break into the international market and becoming one of the larger ‘heavy’ bands to come out of Australia in recent years.

The release of their third album Node, their first album with current vocalist Marcus Bridge (who replaced Adrian Fitipaldes, who left the band due to health reasons), saw Northlane transition to a more melodic, progressive sound, with a huge amount of clean vocals. Even with this change, Northlane reached #1 in the ARIA charts and embarking on several headlining tours around the world. However, with a vocal portion of their fans bristling to this change, it seems that Northlane still felt like they had something to prove on their latest album Mesmer, pushing the boundaries of their sound while delivering the best album of their career.

For the release of Mesmer, Northlane decided to switch it up, instead of the usual promotional technique for albums (announcement, a couple of singles and then release) they released mysterious announcements, cryptic videos and even a chatbot ARG before dropping a single song and then releasing Mesmer without any warning whatsoever a couple of days later.

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REVIEW: Super American – Disposable


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Super American are a pop-punk band from Buffalo, New York that wear their 90s influence proudly on their sleeve with their debut EP Disposable, to be released April 7 through Take This to Heart Records.

If you have payed any attention to the pop-punk scene lately, it may be apparent that a whole bunch of bands are looking back at the 90s for inspiration, with bands taking large influence from genres such as Shoegaze (Title Fight), Grunge (Citizen) or Alternative Rock (Basement). Super American differs from this trajectory by showing their musical influence from the 90s in a bold way from the very start of their career, with a bright mix of mid-paced pop-punk, alternative rock and unabashed pop influences.

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REVIEW: Sorority Noise – You’re Not As _____ As You Think


Did you ever have that friend that you have known since you were both young? Like you both went through primary school and high school together and you both said you would just be friends forever somehow?

But life being the way it is, you both end up losing touch with each other, be it moving away, studying at different university campuses or one of the multitude of reasons that people lose touch with each other. But you have your friend in your mind often and you tell yourself ‘oh I should give them a call and see how they are going’ but you never do. Slowly but surely you think of them less, you talk to them less, you see them less until you rarely thing of them. If you’re lucky, all it takes is a phone call before that old feeling of friendship comes back, but life being the way it is, sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Unfortunately, people die, people move on, people take their own lives, people make new friends, people forget and you never realise what you had until it is gone.

Sorority Noise’s latest album You’re Not As ____ As You Think is that feeling of not realising what you had until it’s gone and could be one of the best albums of 2017 already.

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REVIEW: Fit For an Autopsy – The Great Collapse


While coming relatively late to the deathcore game, not releasing their debut album until 2011, Fit for an Autopsy quickly showed themselves to be a cut above the rest, with their biggest strength being their ability to bring atmosphere and subtlety to a genre known for being as brutal as possible.

The Great Collapse is the culmination of the potential that they have previously shown, with the instrumentation and lyrics being a massive improvement and showing that the band actually has something they want to say, spreading a message about their disdain for what the world has become today.

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