The Bronx release new track ‘Two Birds’

Los Angeles rock band The Bronx has released the second single off their upcoming album Bronx V (or BRVNX), with it being the first album by the Bronx since their 2013 album Bronx IV (not including their Mariachi El Bronx albums).

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Placeholder Music starting up again.

So if you haven’t noticed, this page has been very quiet as of late. While the hiatus was always planned, the length of time Placeholder Music would be out of commission wasn’t. After I got the internet issues all sorted and started to get into the groove with me new job, I ended up in hospital and have been in and out of hospital for the last 3 months with heart issues.

But I’m recovering, probably going to have to resign from my job and feel miserable, so I’m going to start Placeholder Music back up again on a slower schedule.

So expect reviews and news and stuff like usual, but even typing can take a lot out of me, so I might be a bit slower than usual.

– Rhys

Site on Hiatus

So I’m between moving and starting a new job, I’m going to be taking a break from this site for the next week or two. I do hopefully get internet set up in my new place on the 30th, so I should hopefully be back up by then.

Try not to forget about me until then. I’m going to keep updating my instagram though with shitty memes until then at So yeah, just keeping people in the loop.

Sorority Noise deliver heartfelt ode to grief with ‘No Halo’ music video

sorority noise.jpg

American pop punk band Sorority Noise has released a music video for No Halo, the opening track and lead single to their latest album You’re Not As _____ As You Think.

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REVIEW: Eternity Forever – Fantasy EP


Could Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds) physically stop writing music? While he has always been prolific, it seems that his decision to leave A Lot Like Birds last year has lit a fire beneath him, with 2017 being the year he is due to release his second solo album, release a debut EP for Pushover (side project band with Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy), running his record label Esquire Records and has just released the debut EP for Eternity Forever.

Eternity Forever is a three piece groovy post-hardcore/math rock band comprising of Kurt Travis on vocals, Brandon Ewing (CHON touring bassist) on guitars and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett.

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PVRIS release new track ‘Heaven’


After weeks of cryptic teasing, with PVRIS posting a cryptic youtube video, clearing out their social media pages and a mysterious letter (which channelled a Series of Unfortunate Events), PVRIS has released a new track Heaven, the first single released off their upcoming second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell.

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