REVIEW: Eternity Forever – Fantasy EP


Could Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds) physically stop writing music? While he has always been prolific, it seems that his decision to leave A Lot Like Birds last year has lit a fire beneath him, with 2017 being the year he is due to release his second solo album, release a debut EP for Pushover (side project band with Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy), running his record label Esquire Records and has just released the debut EP for Eternity Forever.

Eternity Forever is a three piece groovy post-hardcore/math rock band comprising of Kurt Travis on vocals, Brandon Ewing (CHON touring bassist) on guitars and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett.

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Of Mice and Men release ‘Unbreakable’

Fresh off their first shows with Aaron Pauley (ex-Jamie’s Elsewhere) on lead vocals, Of Mice and Men have released a music video for their new song Unbreakable.

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Of Mice and Men perform first show with Aaron Pauley on lead vocals.

At Day 1 of the Las Rageous festival in Los Vegas, Of Mice and Men performed for their first time since the departure of the original lead singer Austin Carlie due to health issues. After this departure, Of Mice and Men decided to continue on as a fourth piece, with the bassist/clean vocalist Aaron Pauley (ex-Jamie’s Elsewhere) taking up lead vocal duties.

How did he do?

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REVIEW: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms


Since Creeper appeared on the English music scene in 2014, they have experienced a massive amount of fanfare off the back of their three EPs, which showed a band with a singular vision of what they wanted to sound like and the potential to be able to back it up. While 2017 is only the fourth year of them being a band, they have already supported bands such as The Misifts and Pierce the Veil and are playing the entire 2017 US Warped Tour.

As you could imagine, the pressure to deliver a great debut album would have been huge and luckily enough the english horror punks delivered a massive album with Eternity, In Your Arms. Creeper blend a huge amount of influences in their debut album, such as David Bowie-esque glam rock, horror punk, post hardcore, 80s rock and pop punk all wrapped up in an extremely theatrical package. Eternity, In Your Arms has a very bombastic, dramatic quality that honestly isn’t seen very often in the music scene, with leader singer Will Gould stating that Creeper ‘want to put that over-the-top flamboyance back into punk’ with Eternity, In Your Arms.

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Eat Your Heart Out sign to Fearless Records



Newcastle pop punk/rock band Eat Your Heart Out have announced that they have signed to Fearless Records (which is massive) and have released a music video for Patience, off their Carried Away EP, which is available on spotify.

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Thrice release ‘Hurricane’ music video


California rock band Thrice have released a music video for their track Hurricane, the second single released from their 2016 album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, the first album released by Thrice in 5 years, since 2011’s Major/Minor.

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