Bring Me the Horizon talk about new album.

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During a radio interview on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show and talked with host Daniel P. Carter about several different topics, such as their experiences touring America (they are fresh off the back of their American Nightmare tour, which they did with Underoath and Beartooth) and discussed their upcoming album a bit (the full interview is here).

“I don’t think any of us know. There are a few things I know it won’t be. It’s not going to be a pop record… I don’t think we’d ever do a straight, boring pop record,” Keyboardist Jordan Fish explained. “It’s not going to be a super, super heavy record either.”

He then elaborated on this statement by mentioning elements from their previous albums they may use.

“We’ll probably take bits from what we did on Sempiternal, bits from what we did on That’s The Spirit and take it off in a different direction,” Jordan Fish said. “As long as it’s interesting and exciting, that’s all I really care about.”

“I understand there’s probably a load of people who want us to be super heavy, and a load of people who only like the last album, who don’t like the heavier stuff.”

“That’s just the nature of a band that’s changed styles so much across the course of their career. For us, I just want to write something good. Where it sits genre-wise is something someone else can worry about.”

So I guess we will see. I just hope they just mix it up a bit, because I didn’t mind That’s the Spirit, but I would hate to see them fall in a rut by continuing to play that one particular sound. Anything that sounds like Sempiternal would be amazing however.